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The Cabiale Roberto Vineyard offers a vaste selection of quality wines able to satisfy even the most demanding palates.We proudly list but a few of the vineyards historical labels:” Il Boschetto “, the Barbera d’Asti that takes its name from the firm’s oldest vineyard; the Barbera d’Asti doc. for all occasions; the slightly sparkling Barbera del Monferrato “vivace” and the Grignolino d’Asti doc, typical of this area. The whites and roses are well represented by the white table wine “Isotta”, produced using a selection of the best white grapes; the “Trubbe”, a table rosè, and the “Ambra”, a partially fermented must ideal as a dessert wine.And lastly comes the best, a true CRU representation of the firm, the Barbera d’Asti doc “Il Boschetto”Superiore that is left to age for 12 months in oak casks, so gaining auspicious benefits from the virtues of the natural resins of the oak, the time, the darkness and the constant temperature.

Vista aerea
The Monferrato

The first and most basic function of Man is that of taking possession of a piece of land and nurturing it. Monferrato is comparable to a sea of hills, a maze of valleys and peaks of modest entity.This magnificent land which rises in the south of Piedmont can be divided into two parts: the low lands characterised by rice fields, and the hilly area, the heart of Monferrato,with its gentle slopes dominated by vineyard. The Asti Monferrato, which encompases nearly all of the Asti province, is defined as the largest grape growing area in Piedmont. In this land that seems made to measure for the vines the Roberto Cabiale vineyard has been able to bring out the best of the generous and productive lands of Moncalvo, which year after year produce grapes of incomparable quality.

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