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The Wine Making Process
The wine making process remains that of old, an ancient but precious process, like the love and dedication that Roberto Cabiale applies tenaciously to his everyday duties, this being the only way to obtain his excellent wines: ie the genuine and age old approach of Man to the vines. The continuous search for quality allows only slight modifications to this ancestoral process through modern day technology. Grape picking is still carried out manually because one of the secrets of obtaining a good wine is knowing how to choose bunches that are healthy and uniform in their maturity. Once picked the grapes are pressed and separated from the stalks to then be conveyed into wine containers for the fermentation.This is where the noble red wines require special attention, which is typical of the traditional wine making process. This entails leaving the must to boil for 10 to 12 days at a constant temperature and with the mass in continuous movement so as to allow the natural yeasts to absorb oxygen and the wine to acquire intense aromas and vigorous colours. At the end or fermentation comes the racking,that is the separation of the wine from the dregs, followed by the pressing which is still carried out by original wine presses. Before the beginning of the winter months another natural process is scrupulously followed which consists in the transformation of malic acid into lactic acid. This greatly improves the wine, making it smoother, softer and more harmonious. The months that follow are the most important for the development and transformation of the wine. It is in these months that the magical fusion between Man and nature comes about, to create wines that are true masterpieces.

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